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Any item from anywhere on your list. You can add stuff related to weddings, birthdays and products for any other events you may be planning. Our Listyy button makes life easier to add anything!

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Share your list with your friends & family by giving them a direct link to your gift list, share via facebook or include free insert gift cards in your invitations.

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Any item from anywhere on your registry. You can add stuff related to wedding, birthday and products for any other event that you may be planning for. We are covering all major e-commerce store, so you dont have to worry about creating multiple registeries on other sites.
Benefits of Listyy
Easy To Setup
Personalize Your Page-Welcome Message,Photos,Your Custom Registry URL & More
Include Free Insert Gift Card In Your Invitations
Get Updted When a Gift is Purchased and We'll Let Know Who To Thank
Transfer or Link items To Your Gift List From Another Registery
Keep Track Of Contributions and Get Instant Access To Your Money

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